Abandon A Tank With Minimal Disruption To Your Property.

When it’s time to abandon a tank on your property, foaming in place is the least invasive method for responsibly managing unused fuel tanks. GES is the area’s first and most experienced provider of this innovative service for area homes and businesses. There are many benefits to foaming in place versus removing an existing tank.

  • Minimally Invasive
  • We insert foam through a fill pipe and then remove fill and vent pipes, causing minimal disruption to your home, deck or landscaping.
  • Economical
  • Removing a tank is expensive because it can impact your landscaping and home which are costly elements to fix.
  • Quick
  • GES strives to provide a quick experience by scheduling foaming and inspections to occur within 2-3 hours.

A Streamlined Process From Start To Finish.

We make abandoning a tank easy by streamlining your experience with a process tailored to your project.

  • Testing

    Contact GES, and we’ll schedule a quick visit to your property to test your tank for leaks. We’ll walk you through the process for greater peace of mind.

  • Project Completion

    We coordinate all elements of your project, connecting with local inspectors when necessary for a one-and-done solution.

Foam in place process to fill an abandoned tank

Responsible Tank Abandonment Is The Law.

Virginia’s statewide building code requires homeowners and businesses to close a tank properly when not in use. To responsibly abandon an underground tank, you need to fill the tank’s void with an inert material, like a concrete slurry or foam. Using a concrete slurry requires you to dig down to the tank and cut a large hole for filling. This is a labor-intensive process that causes more disruption to your property. In comparison, foaming in place is less disruptive to your property and one or two employees can complete the task in less than a day. GES ensures proper legal closure with all the documentation you need to prove you followed closure procedures. Ready to learn more about how to abandon a tank? Get in touch!

Ready to abandon a tank in place?