Expert Environmental Services For Virginia Clients.

GES is the industry leader for environmental services in Virginia. Since 1988, we’ve proudly provided homeowners and businesses with a full-range of services designed to responsibly address the environmental implications of living and working in the Commonwealth. Our experienced team brings their strong scientific background and practical approach to each service we offer to our clients. Our range of services include:

A Coordinated Project Streamlines The Process.

We help clients find peace of mind by partnering them with a dedicated GES project manager who will communicate clearly and consistently through each phase of the project. Your assigned project manager will ease your burden by engaging with any regulatory agencies and subcontractors needed to minimize complications and ensure compliance. This coordinated approach is just one of the many ways in which we’re different and why we’ve built such a strong reputation in our industry and community.

Our Team Is Our Best Asset.

We’re proud of the team that we’ve built at GES. Each of our representatives brings qualified and unique perspectives, ensuring we address every aspect of your project in our proposals and remediation efforts. You can rest assured knowing your best interests are at the forefront of our strategy to responsibly remediate environmental hazards.

Long-Term Solutions Customized To Your Unique Needs.

There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution to environmental issues. We take pride in crafting personalized work plans that address your specific location, needs and budget. For example, when we close an oil tank, we may remove it from the property or simply foam it in place to minimize disruptions related to moving the fixed tank. Both options provide a viable solution while giving you some autonomy on making the final decision. Ready to learn more about environmental services from GES? Get started today.

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