Residential & Commercial Environmental Drilling For Virginia’s Diverse Geology.

Our experienced team has the scientific knowledge and practical expertise to provide comprehensive environmental drilling services in Virginia. An in-depth knowledge of the soil and water composition of the mid-Atlantic region means we know where and how to drill on your property. Whether we’re installing a monitoring well for spill remediation efforts or helping you better understand the environmental health of your property, you can count on GES for all of your environmental drilling needs.

GES- Your One Source For Professional Environmental Drilling.

Whether proactively verifying the integrity of older underground tanks, testing for a suspected contamination or determining the extent of a known release, GES is your one source for all types of environmental drilling. Our professionals have the geologic, environmental, and mechanical knowledge required for drilling to collect soil or water samples and to install monitoring and recovery wells, while minimizing impact to your property and ongoing business.

Drilling at GES

Unparalleled Experience & Innovative Equipment Distinguishes Us In Our Industry.

The GES team provides personable customer support while maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and detailed scientific knowledge of the soil, water and bedrock on your property. With a combination auger and air rotary drill rig, GES can meet all of your drilling needs with one rig. Moreover, our rig’s compact design allows us to access a variety of sites with ease. Our solid flight augers can drill a 4-½” hole while the hollow stem augers can drill a 6” or 8” hole. When we use our air rotary down-hole hammer technology, we can drill up to 6” boreholes through bedrock while utilizing dust control to minimize particulates.

Make Informed Decisions Through Soil And Water Sampling And Testing.

If you need to verify no contamination or a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) determines that the potential for contamination merits testing, GES will provide test borings to collect subsurface soil or water samples, facilitate the proper testing methods and report findings directly to you. Our experienced and skilled drillers map your property and use their extensive knowledge of Virginia’s geology to determine the best locations to pull samples to determine the origin and extent of possible contamination. When your property’s history or location requires soil or water testing, contact GES for an independent analysis.

Monitoring Wells Provide Easy Access For Ongoing Testing.

Periodic monitoring for contaminants provides information you need, when you need it. Monitoring aged underground tanks for leakage is a proactive measure that can prevent or minimize contamination. Our monitoring wells provide easy access for sampling so that you can measure changes in known contamination levels over time. Monitoring wells help us understand the nature of underground water flow. This understanding can help prevent further contamination of possible receptors such as nearby water wells, sanitary sewers and surface water by identifying the best remediation locations and methods. Monitoring wells are drilled adjacent to underground tanks or at determined measure-points to varying depths, depending upon application. The drilled borehole is sleeved with PVC pipe, which is terminated at ground level and covered with a small manhole-type cover. This easy access allows for vapor or water samples to be collected at any time. The experts from GES will perform a site visit to your location and submit detailed recommendations for monitoring solutions, including well installation and the structure for a regular monitoring program. GES can drill and install the wells and routinely monitor them, or will provide training to your staff so that you may perform your own ongoing monitoring.

Recovery Wells Can Be Useful For Remediation.

If sampling, testing or monitoring identify locations of contamination, a recovery well may become useful in the remediation process. A common example of use for a recovery well is to allow access at an ideal location to pump away a petroleum product floating on underground water. Recovery wells are constructed much like monitoring wells, but are typically larger in diameter to allow access for pumping and other remediation equipment.

We Drill, Monitor, and Report Our Data Directly To You.

At GES, the work we do maintains and improves the investments of your business, municipality, or government facility. Whether the state or federal government mandates the project or you take your own initiative, we report all data directly to you, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your property.

Personable Service From Locals You Can Trust.

At GES, our team builds relationships with our clients based on quality services and professional project management. We are committed to providing a positive experience during your environmental drilling project and use our scientific and mechanical backgrounds to ensure the data we provide is thorough and our services keep you compliant with state and federal regulations.

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