Responsible Fuel & Oil Tank Removal Or Abandonment.

GES is Virginia’s leading partner for responsible tank abandonment and oil tank removal. Located in Verona, we consult with homeowners and businesses throughout Virginia to provide effective strategies for addressing unused underground or above-ground fuel tanks. Here’s a breakdown of the options available:

  • Tank Removal
  • All fuel tanks degrade over time which can cause leaks or look unsightly on your property. Professional tank removal responsibly addresses those concerns.

  • Ideal For Above Ground Tanks
  • Tank Abandonment
  • Sometimes it makes more sense to abandon a tank by removing all its contents and using one of these two materials to fill it: foaming in place or a concrete slurry.

  • Ideal For Underground Tanks

GES Is Your Experienced & Trusted Partner.

Homeowners and businesses have been choosing GES since 1988 because of our proven track record for handling their fuel and oil tank removal or abandonment. Here’s the GES difference:

  • Proven Methods

    After decades of business in Virginia, we have streamlined systems for communicating with our customers and executing the best option for their job. 

  • Scientific Analysis

    We test the surrounding soil and if necessary, the water, to determine if your tank is leaking and remediate any discharge to protect you and the environment. 

  • A Respected Reputation

    Homeowners and businesses know they can trust GES to provide an environmentally responsible solution for removing or abandoning their tank.

Oil Tank Removal & Abandonment For A Variety Of Clients.


Land Transactions



A Coordinated Approach To Tank Closure.

When you work with GES, you can count on a streamlined approach from start to finish. Our experienced staff counsels you through each step of closing a fuel tank. We consider your property and budget to determine which option provides the best solution for your circumstances. If environmental regulators need to be involved in the process, we work with them and you to address any issues promptly and professionally. Ready to get started with fuel and oil tank removal or abandonment from Virginia’s experienced team? Contact us today.

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