Spill Remediation Solutions You Can Trust.

GES is your experienced and reliable partner for spill remediation in Virginia. Our qualified representatives analyze the material and location of the spill to provide you with the best option for your situation. We provide three types of remediation:

  • Soil Remediation
  • We remove the contaminated soils and responsibly dispose of them in accordance with environmental regulations. If the soil cannot be removed, we offer in situ remediation whereby naturally occurring bacteria is injected into the soil to degrade the contaminants over time.

  • Water Remediation
  • We clean lakes, creeks, rivers and groundwater using a vacuum truck to pull contaminated water directly from its source. For some spills, we may also use in situ remediation to break down the contaminants without physically removing the water.

  • Vapor Remediation
  • When petroleum is released, vapors can migrate to nearby homes or buildings. Our experienced team uses extraction blowers to pull harmful vapors from the surrounding area.

Remediation Tailored To Your Specific Needs.

Each spill is different, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when the safety of the environment and community is in question. At GES, we monitor the spill site as long as necessary, working directly with DEQ and other agencies to ensure your property meets all remediation requirements. While we clean and monitor the affected sites, we take into account nearby utilities, creeks, basements and other areas at risk for exposure. We continue to adapt our response as the situation evolves.

Vapor extraction in a basement

Worry-Free Spill Remediation for Homeowners And Businesses.

Since 1988, we’ve built a reputation as the industry leader for environmental services you can trust. When you work with our experienced team, we’ll analyze the spill impacted areas and propose an effective solution to remediate and remove the contaminants. We’ll coordinate all efforts with environmental regulators, project managers and you! Ready for detailed spill remediation in Virginia? Contact us today.

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